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Search for top loads from multiple providers

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Find the best loads

Looking for the perfect load manually is time consuming and inefficient. Spedlite automates this process, so that you can focus on what really matters.

Always syncing with the top providers

Spedlite aggregates data from all load providers: BnsfLogistics, Knightlogistics, EchoDrive, NavisphereCarrier, Rhinovision and more.

Quick insights for operations planning

Spedlite visualizes the status and loads of all trucks in one intuitive dashboard. Planning ahead for dispatchers becomes easy and flexible.

Find the best loads
Free features and integrations

Free Features & Integrations

We understand that every penny counts. With Spedlite, paid integrations like toll and fuel tracking are completely free. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Integration with Toll Providers

Integration with Fuel Costs

Cost & Profitability Reporting

As natural to use as your old whiteboard

Spedlite is built to make you more efficient every day. We made adoption and integration easy for you, by keeping the interface simple and clean.

Intuitive design

Just like your classic whiteboard

All in one place

As natural to use as your old whiteboard

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Flow and transparency of information in logistics business are key. Spedlite dispatch board is a fantastic tool. It helps the whole team to promptly coordinate and share data with each other. Easy access to reports at our fingertips gives us the possibility to make swift business decisions. We couldn’t imagine our operations without Spedlite.

Andrew Taland — CEO at Brite Logistics Inc

Working with Spedlite is much easier than with anything else we have used before. It has very easy access, convenient to see all the dispatchers working in one place with quite a few statistics for performance comparison. We love automatic count of miles, total and average gross revenues. It is much easier to track and control employee performance.

Tom Tiskevicius — Operations manager at Truckstar

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