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The implementation of the project “5G, artificial intelligence and optimization techniques for next generation logistics solutions”

The consortium of UAB Spedlite, UAB Agmis, and Vytautas Magnus University, is implementing the project “5G, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization Methods for Next Generation Logistics Solutions” Pr. No. 08-004-K-0006.The project aims to develop a next-generation logistics solution system based on 5G, artificial intelligence, and optimization techniques, which will enable the efficient selection of specific loads in the transport exchange for the set of trucks under analysis and will predict the cost of the load, providing a complete view of the transport exchange and enabling more efficient sequencing of loads.
The fully developed, innovative, digital technological solution targets logistics companies in Europe with up to 1000 trucks wishing to expand their existing or fully purchase dispatching services. The added value of the solution and the benefits it creates for the user will be the efficient and profitable recruitment of the freight fleet.
The solution will enable the automation of processes in the dispatching department of logistics companies, minimizing or eliminating the need for human resources and costs, minimizing the likelihood of errors, making efficient use of transport, and increasing productivity by fully and profitably loading the freight transport fleet. The software will enable the planning of the occupancy of the freight fleet for three days in advance (currently it is usually planned for one day).
The 5G technologies integrated into the solution will enable the real-time collection and processing of large volumes of data, avoiding delays, which will essentially take the solution to a higher qualitative level by allowing instantaneous reactions and decision-making, which is impossible with human resources alone.
The product to be developed in the project is based on a new technology. The European transport market is growing and expanding. Technological innovations have and will continue to have a major impact on the development of the freight transport sector and their impact will only increase in the future. It is expected that the innovative next-generation logistics solution system developed by UAB Agmis and its partners within the scope of the project will successfully integrate into the European Union transport market and will enable a fundamental change in the market, ensuring a more efficient provision of services in the transport sector.
The project is planned to be implemented over 24 months. The project value is 1650547.82 EUR. The amount of funding allocated to the project is 1009593,08 EUR. The project is partly financed by the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan “New Generation Lithuania” and the EU Funds Investment Programme 2021-2027.